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 What is the KCVDS Duels and How to post Points

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PostSubject: What is the KCVDS Duels and How to post Points   Tue Feb 17, 2009 10:44 pm

This is were duelist from any dorm come to duel and earn points. When you defeat your apponent you must post in the Duel Tower forum confirming that you have won a specific duel. When you defeat your opponent you must write the amount of DP you won so that an Admin can add it to your profile.

Eg. I win (180 SP)

Note: Do not double post. if you duel the same person twice and won both duels you go to edit and write;
Eg. I win twice (SP)* amount that you won*
I won 3 times (SP)

if you duel a different opponent then you make a new post...

Well that's all you guys have fun

Oh and by the way if you are caught double posting you will be served with a warning THANK YOU.

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What is the KCVDS Duels and How to post Points
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