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 Earning Duel Points

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Haou Judai
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PostSubject: Earning Duel Points   Tue Feb 17, 2009 10:37 pm

In order to advance you need to know how it works. Depending on your opponent will determine the amount of DP you will receive in order to advance your rank.

This Is The Win Conditions

Dark vs Dark= 140 SP
Dark vs Obelisk=100 SP
Dark vs Ra=60 SP
Dark vs Slifer=40 SP

Obelisk vs Dark= 160 SP
Obelisk vs Obelisk=140 SP
Obelisk vs Ra=100 SP
Obelisk vs Slifer=50 SP

Ra vs Dark=180 DP
Ra vs Obelisk=160 SP
Ra vs Ra=85 SP
Ra vs Slifer=60 SP

Slifer vs Dark=210 SP
Slifer vs Obelisk=180 SP
Slifer vs Ra=120 SP
Slifer vs Slifer=80 SP

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Earning Duel Points
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