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 Administrators Duties

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PostSubject: Administrators Duties   Administrators Duties EmptyThu Feb 19, 2009 12:02 pm

Moderation Admin - Punishment- Spam Control and Moderator Activity and banning will be taken care by u

Advertisement Admin - Haou Judai - U have to get members to this academy.Once our academy has enough members u will be given another post...

Activity Admin - Assassin- Tournys, updating points and Articles will be taken care by u

Advancement Admin - Simo - Tester activity and testing business will be taken care by u

Creator - Punishment

Head Admins - Haou Judai, Simo and Assassin

Co- Admin -- 1 Slot Empty

We have a Co-Admin slot empty

Moderators - Slots empty

Testers - Slots Empty

Moderators - Punishment U choose them
Testers - Simo U choose them

Co- Admin... We have to discuss together before we make anyone an admin
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Administrators Duties
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