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 YVD Quick Guide

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PostSubject: YVD Quick Guide   YVD Quick Guide EmptyWed Feb 18, 2009 6:43 am

If you have not already heard about this oldie, YVD is one of the largest online dueling simulators out there, and hopefully with enough luck, it will be our solid replacement for the shotty DMU.

Step 1: Installing

First things first, you need to go to Xerocreative's Downloads page.

Now what you want to download goes as follows:

YVD 9.0 MSI (try this first)

Once you have YVD installed, it will be in your start menu.

Now to download the images. All Images ZIP should be at the bottom of that download page. Save it in the YVD Images folder that should usually be at C:\Program Files\Yugioh Virtual Dueling\Images.

Unzip the file in there, and you should be good to go with your basic setup.

Step 2: Using your YVD

Yay! We have YVD running. Now lets learn to use it.

The Deck Editing part should not be too hard, everything is easy to search up. If there is a need to explain this I will... eh I will do it anyways.

1: Click Update Sets on the interface.
2: Search for the cards you want on the search bar.
3: Click on them to put them in your deck/side deck.
4: When finished, click Save Deck and give it a name.

Note: OCG cards are on OCG mode.

Now when we click on Duel, we will be on the main screen.

Simply press Connect, and from the drop-down Menu, select either of the Server Duel options. You will be asked to create an account, and it is as easy as entering it right there on the pop up.

If you chose Server Duel: Host, your opponent chooses Client, and vice versa. Remember to write your opponents username in the space provided.

If you are able to host IP on KCVDS, the same applies here. Click Listen instead of connect. Your opponent will select Normal Duel: I am connecting to my opponent. from the drop-down menu and put in your IP address.

Some good shortcuts to learn while first getting used to the game are:

Ctrl+D Draw
Ctrl+S Shuffle
Ctrl+K Look at Deck
Ctrl+R Roll Die
Ctrl+G Look at Graveyard

The /add and /sub functions work the same as they did in KCVDS.

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YVD Quick Guide
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