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PostSubject: DMU Quick Guide   DMU Quick Guide EmptyWed Feb 18, 2009 6:41 am

BYOND/Duel Monsters Unlimited

Duel Monsters Unlimited is a virtual game aloud for all duelists to duel each other using a virtual icon. You can go around Battle City looking for other duelists to duel and even have local tournaments. Being a part of DMU is a BIG task. And I really would like for everyone to have Duel Monsters Unlimited.
Duel Monsters Expert is the first manual Duel Monsters game on BYOND. It provides players with an interactive interface to create decks and duel other players, as well as a massive library of cards; featuring all cards from the TCG and the OCG, as well as thousands of anime and manga cards from the original series, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and others. In addition to the nearly 3,500 cards that fit these criteria, there are thousands more of Duel Monsters Expert exclusive cards made by the creator and the players.

Game Features
·A huge card database featuring over 5,500 cards.
·Long list of player icons, ranging from the original anime to the more recent Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.
·Frequent updates.
·Weekly tournaments for players to compete in to earn Tournament Points, which can be used to buy fully customizable Player Homes and decor.
·Intelligent (if quirky) community.
·Drag and Drop dueling, exclusive to Duel Monsters Expert.

to Play The Tournaments Here In DMU (Duel Monsters Unlimited) Game You need to Download BYOND, Here is The Link :
When You Download It, Install It ,Open It And Click On Get An Account After You Will Got The Page For Create An Account Then Create It After Create It, OF Course You Will Confirm By An E-mail That Will Send To You After For Got The Hosters List Go Here :
This Link Will Give You The Permission To Join Any Server (Later We Will Told You About The Link That We Will Make For Play The Tournaments) That's All Folks And Enjoy.

when u enter the game double click on it's screen left below and if u get black screen it must be either Glitch or u have to do updates.
once in the game,click on the buble button or follow the picture above:
DMU Quick Guide Sanstitre-33

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DMU Quick Guide
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